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How to Sew a Towel Set from our IS010 Waffle Weave Fabric - Sewing Tutorial



  • Carol Koch

    I got 3 yards of the teal and cut fabric into 2 large 42 x 80” and 2 small 42 x 28” pieces. I used 3.4”+ hems.

    I did a speed wash and dry but they didn't shrink up much. However, after a did a full cycle wash and dry they came out better. The large still ended up too long to hang on my towel bars at 72" though. What length should I cut the next set at if I want to end up with finished dimension of 26 x 68" after washing?

  • Lynn

    What are the finished dimensions for the bath sheet? Thanks

  • Lauren

    Hello Lynn, 
    The Bath sheet will measure approximately 67" x 33.5" if using the same hemming sizes.  


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