Printing Pattern Pieces at Home (PC and Mac Computers)

This article will walk you through printing your free downloadable pattern from the Adobe program on a Desktop Computer or Laptop. 

For printing using the Adobe App on Apple or Android, please see the following articles:
Apple iPhones or iPads:

Android Devices:

For how to open and view your pattern files on a computer, please see the following article:



1. Select the size you wish to print by opening the layers menu by clicking on the Layer_Button.png button on the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, or by going to View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Layers:


Then deselect any size you don't want to print by clicking on the eye icon.Eye_Icon.png
You want only the size you want to print marked with the “eye”.



What you will be left with is just the pattern for your size selected with the “eye” and you will notice all other size lines have disappeared from view. (shown above)

3. Time to print by clicking on the print icon on hitting CTRL+P or Command+P (Mac). This will bring up the print dialog box as shown below:


4. Make sure you are printing at the right size by selecting  “actual size” from " Page Sizing and Handling" ( If you have the option, select "Auto Center" or "Auto" in "Orientation" too.)


5. Print the first page to check the size of the printed test square. This is to make sure the pattern prints to the correct scale and your pattern will come out at the correct size.



If the test square matches the file square size, you are ready to print all the pattern pages!

For assistance with assembling your paper pattern, please see our article:



On the rare occasion, your patterns are not printing properly, please see the following common issues and solutions.


What to do if your test square doesn't measure the correct size

1. It may sound silly, but check with another ruler or measuring tape. Tailor's measuring tapes can stretch over time, and some are just made incorrectly! Grab another ruler or tape to check.

2. Check your printer's paper size matches what is in the tray. 
From the Print dialogue box, click "Page Setup", and manually select the correct paper size as shown below. 
Our patterns are formatted to print at A4 and US Letter sizes, but sometimes your printer may accidentally select the wrong paper type, which can throw off the printing size.




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