Downloading and Opening Free .pdf Patterns on a Computer (PC and Mac)

Use the following steps to help you download and open your free pattern on a computer (PC/Windows and Mac)

Downloading and Opening the .pdf booklet file:

  1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a FREE copy from Adobe HERE.
    For more assistance with downloading, see our Article HERE
  2. Sign in or create an account on our website by clicking the Sign In / Register button at the top of our webpage.


  3. Click the red FREE DOWNLOAD button on the pattern page.


    Note: Depending on your web browser's settings it may ask you if you'd like to Open or Save the file, make sure you 'Save' the file and remember the location you saved it. Your browser may download the file automatically and save it in your 'downloads' folder.


  4. Find the file in your 'downloads' folder or the location you saved it. Right-click (CMD + click for Mac), go to 'Open With', and select "Adobe Acrobat".


Opening the .pdf pattern attachment

Now that you have your .pdf pattern booklet open you may have noticed there are no pattern pieces in the information booklet.
We have attached the pattern pieces as an attachment file to this booklet. This allows us to make use of the 'Layers' feature (more on that in the next section)
  1. To find your pattern pieces you will need to click the paperclip icon in the left-hand toolbar.
If you cannot see this toolbar go to the Adobe menu, then click View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Attachments.
Or click the menu icon as shown below:
Duster 1 .png


  1. Double click the attachment file to open it.



If you are taking your pattern to a copy shop for printing, you can also save this attachment on its own to your flash drive by right-clicking (CMD + click) and selecting 'save attachment'.

Using Layers

Now that you can see your pattern, it's time to print it out. With Layers, you can choose to print only the sizes you need. This can save paper and ink, plus the size lines are easier to see.
7. Simply click the eye icon next to each size layer to 'turn off' that size.
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