Downloading and Opening Free .pdf Patterns on a Mobile or Tablet (Android)


Use the following steps to help you download and open your free Fabrics Store Pattern on a Mobile device (Android)

At this stage, the Android version of the adobe reader app isn't allowing customers to print directly from the app. To print, please use a computer.
Downloading and Opening the .pdf booklet file:
  1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader App. You can download the FREE app from the Google Play Store by searching 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' or by going to this link:

  2. Sign in or register to download your pattern by tapping either of the Login_Icons.jpg icons at the top right-hand of your screen.

  3. Locate the pattern you are after and Tap the red FREE DOWNLOAD button on the pattern page. 
    Depending on your device or web browser, your .pdf file may automatically open, and/or save to your 'downloads' or 'files'. 
  4. If your device automatically opened the .pdf pattern booklet, here is how you can quickly open it in the Adobe App from this page:
    a) Tap the three dots icon on the top right-hand side of the page and select "open with" from the menu that opens.


    b) Select the "Adobe Acrobat App" from the menu that pops up at the bottom of your screen.


  5. To open your file in the Adobe app if the file saves to your device: Open the adobe app and go to the 'Files' tab located at the bottom of the screen then select the location you have saved your file and tap to open it.



Accessing the pattern attachments in the Adobe Acrobat App.


6. Now that you have your .pdf pattern file open in the Adobe reader app, you can find your pattern as an attachment. 
To do this, tap the three dots to open the menu:



7. Tap "Attachments" on the menu that has opened at the bottom of your screen.



8. The attachments will be listed on your screen now. Tap to select the attachments to open.

Most of our patterns will only have one attachment, but some may have several.







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