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Connecting Printed Pattern Pages



  • rachel

    My pages have one inch margins all around so I have to end up folding to get them to line up, is there any other easier way?

  • Oksana

    Hi Rachel!

    There shouldn't be borders on the pattern pages - I suspect the printer "shrunk" the image to fit the printing format it has set by default.

    On the first page of the pattern pieces, there is a test square that should measure 2 inches by 2 inches. Please measure that and if it is not 2x2 then the printer settings "shrunk" the image.

    You would need to re-print, BUT select print from the Adobe menu ( in the file tab, click print). The printer setting box will pop up and there is a box to mark "Actual Size" - this will tell the printer not to "shrink" the image and to print the image as is ( most printers have the 1" border as their default print setting).

    Print just the first page with the test square and measure it to make sure the setting applied correctly. Once you confirm that the test square is 2"x2" then print the rest of the pages using the same printer settings.

    If you have any questions - send me an email to ask @ and I will send you screenshots of the steps. Hope this helps :)

    Have an amazing day!



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