How to Assemble our Free .PDF Patterns

Once you have printed out your Free fabrics-Store .PDF pattern, its time to assemble!


Your pattern may be several pages in size, but with scissors and a bit of tape, you'll have your pattern put together in no time!

Step 1.

Let's start by reviewing the first page of the document.  You will want to check your 2" test square is true to size. 


Then note your pattern assembly layout. Most of our patterns will have them numbered for you like the Devin pattern below. If you're using a pattern without numbers, like the Alejandra pattern pictured above, go ahead and write in the numbers if that will help you.



Step 2.

Now to assemble the pattern pages; for the purpose of this tutorial, I am using our Devin Pajamas pattern, and will only assemble the first 2 pages in the first 2 rows as an example. 

Locate pattern page 1 and set it on your workspace.



Step 3.

Locate pattern page 2 and cut away the long left side along the lightly dotted borderline.



Step 4.

Lay pattern page 2 over page 1, lining up and matching the quarter circles at the top and bottom of the page. 
I like to tape over the circles, and over any pattern lines.







Step 4

Continue trimming and taping in this manner along your first row of pattern pages as indicated by your pattern. For the Devin Pattern, you will tape 10 pages together in your first row.


Step 5

We are now up to assembling our second row to our first row. 

Take the first pattern page of your second row. For the Devin pattern, this is Pattern page 11. Cut off the top edge only along the lightly dotted borderline.



Then match the quarter circles to those at the bottom of pattern page 1. Tape in place.



Step 6

For the next pattern page, cut the left long edge and the top edge, and match up to the second pattern page.





Step 7.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 to assemble the remainder of your pattern, while referring to your patterns assembly diagram.

Once all pages have been assembled, you are ready to cut along your size line! 



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