Linen Care - washing linen

We encourage you to pre wash you fabric prior to sewing. Overlock the raw (cut) edges. Wash the fabric in a regular cycle cool or warm water (as you plan to wash your finished garments). Dry on a low heat setting until fabric is slightly damp so it is easier to iron. Use hot iron to press.

If you accidentally over dry your linen - you can spray it with a bit of water, put it in a ziplock bag, and in the freezer for a couple hours - it will be much easier to iron from the freezer. Or you can throw it in the rinse cycle again. Whichever is easier.  

Finished items can be washed and dried on the same settings as when you pre-washed the fabric.

If you plan your finished items to be dry clean only - then please make sure to dry clean the fabric prior to sewing.

If your finished item might required to be washed in hot water ( baby bedding/kitchen towels) - pre wash the fabric in hot water to get the maximum shrinkage before you sew it up.

Basic rule is - wash the fabric the same way you plan to care for your finished garment.

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