Softened vs Not Softened and What Shrinkage to Expect

The non-softened (no finish) - it will be a stiffer hand, this linen has not undergone any washing or finishing process after it was woven. It will soften to that nice supple hand that all the linen has once it is laundered. The more it is washed and dried the softer it will get. (shrinkage  <10% on first fabric pre wash and dry)

Softened -  it means that we have added a softener to the goods to give it a smooth, silky hand. The linen has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration.  (shrinkage up to 7-10% on first fabric pre-wash and dry)

Premier Finish - is a softening process where we use a special machine that helps break down the fiber to give these fabrics a very smooth look and feel. It feels like butter - silky smooth. Although the linen has gone through agitation, it has not been laundered. ( shrinkage varies depending on cloth weave)

Signature Finish - has gone through several hot wash processes with softener to make it super soft. It is then hand rolled to preserve the natural, gentle crumple of this finish. Because of the several hot washes - most of the shrinkage has been removed ( you may still have very little shrinkage in your first fabric pre-wash and dry, but less than <3%).

All shrinkages are calculated based on washing on regular cycle with cold to warm water and tumble drying on low temperature. The higher the temp of wash/dry the more shrinkage to be expected.

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