Understanding Thread Size

The lower the number of the thread size the thicker the thread. The higher the number on the thread size - the finer the thread.

Ex: IL020 linen has thread size 30 both warp and weft. So this will be a very fine, thin thread that is used to weave this cloth.

4C22 has thread size 11.6 warp and weft - so you know that this will be a thicker thread used in making of this fabric.

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    Virginia Duppenthaler

    Question- I have bought so many different linen products in natural color from you I am confused what the product name is (ILO2O, etc.) so I cannot go back and read the product description. What do you suggest? May I send swatches to your office for identification?

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    Hi Virginia - that's an excellent question. We can certainly help you sort which Natural is what weight. I found your account and will send you an email now with instructions on where to send the swatches. Have a great night!

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