Cutting Pattern Pieces from your Washed IS010 Waffle Weave Fabric


How that you've gone ahead and washed your IS010 Fabric using our recommended washing instructions it's time to cut out your pattern pieces which may be on paper or on pattern tracing fabric/material.

Start by laying out your fabric on your flat cutting surface, and remove any serged edges and selvages. IMG_1570.jpg


Spread the fabric out gently, taking care to keep the waffle texture even and straight. 
You may notice the edges of your fabric are more 'scrunched up' in tighter into the waffle texture in some places, and when you go to stretch it out, it will spring back into shape. To relax the fibers spray or mist your fabric with water and then gently move into place.

See an example of how the weave is more scrunched up near the frayed edges on the right-hand side of the waffle fabric in this photo:


If required by your pattern, fold your fabric in half with selvages together carefully. 


Pin your pattern to your fabric.
You may find it easier to use longer pins often called quilters pins instead of small dress-making pins. See the difference in size between these pins below.



The pattern has been pinned easily through two layers of the waffle weave fabric in the image below using quilting pins:


If you're having trouble cutting accurately from two layers of fabric, open out your fabric and cut from one layer if possible. Make sure for pattern pieces like bodices and sleeves that you cut two pairs, or a left and a right.

Using sharp dressmaking scissors, cut through your fabric.


Now that you have cut out your pattern pieces, it's time to get sewing!

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