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  • Christy Hartmann

    I ordered the wrong fabric
    I thought I was getting 5 yards of the light weight linen 3.5 oz
    For 8 something a yard. Instead it came up as the regular medium weight linen.. How do I correct the mix-up? Thank you.

  • Oksana

    Good evening Christy,

    Is this the order you placed today?

    Please let me know and I will ask the warehouse not to ship it, we will cancel the order and reimburse you.


  • Harriett Martin

    I just purchased a 5 yrd order on the linen.
    We went thru putting my card in all purchase info on my
    Card, then it started asking for my password, once that was done. I don't see where
    It shows I have bought the linen, no receipt number

  • Oksana

    Hi Harriett - I am sorry to hear there were problems placing your order.

    I believe I found your account and am sending you an email now. There is no placed order in that account history so you should not have a charge to your card. I do see the fabric in your shopping cart. I'll send you an email now and will help sort it all out.


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