Wholesale Orders

Our wholesale pricing starts at 800 yards per style, per color.

Bolts of 20 yards are available for 10% off. The Bolt Section allows you to purchase full, uncut 20 yard increments and they count as 1 unit. If you need 40 yards - you would get 2 units.

If the fabric you need to get 20 yards of is not in the bolt section - please contact us here and as long as we have the yardage you need - we will be happy to make the discounted bolt for you.

We work with many of our customers to structure their larger buys around the sales and any other available promotions to make sure they get the maximum discounts/offers available.

If you have quantities and time-frames in mind, please let us know so we can work with you to get the most savings.

If more information is needed, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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