How to Open PDF File in Adobe Reader on a Computer

Once you have downloaded and saved the pattern to your computer ( you can find steps to how to save the file here), launch your Adobe Reader Software ( you can find the steps to how to download FREE Adobe Reader here).

These are the steps to open the PDF in Adobe Reader Software on your computer:

1) Launch Adobe Reader Software by clicking on it like you would to open Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer ( here is an example of what to look for):


2) Your computer will launch Adobe Reader. In the Adobe Reader menu - click File - Open  This is what to look for ( the menu is in the top left-hand corner of the open "window"):


3) Adobe Reader will open a window that has all the files that are in your computer and will look like this:


4) Select the pattern file you have just saved by doubleclicking on it. Adobe will open that PDF file for you and your screen will look like this ( I am using the Ruby dress pattern as an example, the steps are the same for any pattern file you like):


5) You have opened the main PDF file with general pattern information. The printable pattern pieces are included as attachments that you can access by clicking the paperclip icon that is showing on the left hand side of the screen in the above example. Please click here for detailed steps on how to access the pattern attachment.



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    Judy Blackiemore

    when i downloaded abode none of those screens came up.  I still can't print off the pattern.  although the abode icon is on my desktop

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    Hi Judy - can you send me an email please to and I will try to walk you through the steps to open the files with Adobe software.

    Once the Adobe is installed on your device - you would need to open Adobe and in the Adobe menu click open and find the name of the pattern you are trying to open. This is when Adobe will open that file for you.

    It will be easier via email because I can send screenshots of the steps to take. Have a great day.

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