Missing Pattern Pieces in PDF File

The patterns are made as a PDF so they can be opened across the different devices.

In order for all the pattern pieces to be visible - you do need to open the these files using the newest version of Adobe Reader ( this can be downloaded for free at https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html)

+ First, download the PDF file to your computer/device.

+ Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader.

+ Open the PDF File from Adobe Acrobat Reader ( from the file menu, click “open” the PDF file “name of the pattern”)

+ In the upper left hand side, you should see a "paperclip" Icon ( all printable pattern files are included as “attachments”).

*If you do not see the "paper clip" icon, press the [F4] key on your keyboard as a "shortcut" to make it appear.

+ Click on the "paper clip" icon and it will reveal all the parts “attachments” of the PDF Pattern

Here is an example of what to look for:


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