Missing Pattern Pieces in PDF File

Use the following steps to help you download and open your free Fabrics Store pattern on a computer (PC/Windows and Mac)
Downloading and Opening the .pdf booklet file:
  1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a FREE copy from Adobe HERE.
  2. Sign in or create an account on our website by clicking the Sign In / Register button at the top of our webpage.


  3. Click the red FREE DOWNLOAD button on the pattern page.


    Note: Depending on your web browser's settings it may ask you if you'd like to Open or Save the file, make sure you 'Save' the file and remember the location you saved it. Your browser may download the file automatically and save it in your 'downloads' folder.


  4. Find the file in your 'downloads' folder or the location you saved it. Right-click (CMD + click for Mac), go to 'open with', and select "Adobe Acrobat".

Opening the .pdf pattern attachment
Now that you have your .pdf pattern booklet open you may have noticed there are no pattern pieces in the information booklet.
We have attached the pattern pieces as an attachment file to this booklet. This allows us to make use of the 'Layers' feature (more on that in the next section)
  1. To find your pattern pieces you will need to click the paperclip icon in the left-hand toolbar.

If you cannot see this toolbar go to the Adobe menu, then click View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Attachments.


  1. Double click the attachment file to open it.



If you are taking your pattern to a copy shop for printing, you can also save this attachment on its own to your flash drive by right-clicking (CMD + click) and selecting 'save attachment'.
Using Layers
Now that you can see your pattern, it's time to print it out. With Layers, you can choose to print only the sizes you need. This can save paper and ink, plus the size lines are easier to see.
7. Simply click the eye icon next to each size layer to 'turn off' that size.

You are now ready to print the pattern on regular A4 printer paper. Please refer here for printing directions.

For Apple devices follow this link:

For Android devices and compatible Chromebooks follow this link:



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    Kelsie Lynn Cunliffe

    I've opened the files with Adobe, the only pages available that come up are the pattern pieces. There are no main tutorial instructions available, I'm having this problem with two separate patterns and have followed the steps above with no luck.

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    Good morning Kelsie - some of the patterns are made in conjunction with our tutorials on the thread - the pattern files that open directly to the pattern pieces - will have the step by step sewing instructions on our blog and you can just enter the name of the pattern in the search on the blog and it will open the tutorial with pictures of the steps. https://blog.fabrics-store.com/ - hope this helps :)

  • 1
    Kelsie Lynn Cunliffe

    Thank you Oksana! I found that there is a link at the top of each pattern that directs you to the tutorial page, very helpful. Thank you! Just made the button down pleated dress and I'm so happy with it. The tutorial was very clear and easy to follow excited to try so many more! Would love to see some jumpsuit/ romper tutorials some day!

  • 0

    Hi Kelsie! I am glad you found the tutorial and like the dress :) We don't have a jumpsuit tutorial ( you can always leave a comment on the blog and Masha will see the request) or you can use this free pattern and it will have instructions in the PDF ( just no step by step photos like in the tutorial) https://fabrics-store.com/sewing-patterns/cloe-jumpsuit/

    Happy sewing :)

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    Kettle Yarn Co. British Yarn

    Hello - I am really exited about sewing the Rhea dress and was just trying to download the files as per your online tutorial when I discovered those attached files are missing on your saved pdf.

    I checked the pattern you've used for your tutorial and sure enough the attachments are there, so doing it correctly, but nothing is available for Rhea, Harley, Mariana, Jade, Genia, Donna, Alejandra, Noa and Luna - all the patterns I'd hope to try except one - Lucia. Have you removed those files intentionally, and maybe I am missing a post where I need to do something extra to get these through an extra step? 😕🙃

  • 0

    Hi! Thank you for reaching out. I just double-checked the Rhea dress and the attached pattern pieces file is available.

    The PDF link from the sewing tutorial actually just takes you to the pattern page on the main site so it is the same file, but I am wondering why you are able to see the attached file when you go through the tutorial link vs when you just click on the main site directly.

    Could you email me oksana [@] ecwm.com and we can figure out how to get you to the attached pattern files. The other patterns you've listed also have the pattern pieces as an attached file to the main PDF download so once we figure out how to get your device to open Rhea pattern, other patterns will be the same.

    Talk soon and have a great day.

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    Kristen Bastis

    My screen does not look like the screen in the screen shots how to. I am on a PC and the screen shots are on a apple. 

    There is no bar with "file, view, ..." on my screen. 



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    Hi Kristen! Thank you for reaching out - can you send me an email to oksana@ecwm.com with a screenshot of what your screen looks like when you open the PDF file.
    Adobe program should open the same regardless of what computer is being used so I just want to see if I can find where they located the menu in the version you are seeing.

    Have a great weekend and please email me so I can help you get to the attached pattern pieces.

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    Yoj Jovi

    hi! uhm im a beginner at all of this so i was just wondering if this had a sewing allowance or nah?? : D 

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    Hello Yoj, 
    Yes, all of the patterns available on our website have seam allowance included.

    Happy sewing!


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