Printing Pattern Pieces at Home

Once you open the PDF file using Adobe Reader and access the attachments ( to make attachments appear: in the Adobe Menu click View - Show/Hide - Navigation Panes - Attachments) - you will have various pattern sizes on the left hand side of your screen all marked with an “eye” as in the image below.


  • Select the size you wish to print - to do this click on the “eye” in all other sizes unmarking those selections. You want only the size you want to print marked with the “eye”

What you will be left with is just the pattern for your size selected with the “eye” and now you are ready to print.

  • Click on your print icon.

  • Select printing option “actual size” and if available “auto center”.

    Print the first page only at first and check size of printed test square to match the file ( this is to make sure the pattern prints to correct scale).


  • If test square matches the file square size, you are ready to print all the pages

  • Again, when you are printing the remainder of the pattern pages - please make sure you select “actual size” and if available “auto center”.


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